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Piano Movers London | PIANOSPEED offer a daily piano moving service to London & throughout London.

YES, we are fully insured to £100,000 per piano.

YES, we are very experienced professionals who specialise in moving pianos – over 3,000 per year in fact!

YES, happily, we are the busiest piano movers in the UK.

YES, we are expert grand and concert grand piano movers.

YES, we work for piano shops and for the public in London and throughout the UK.

YES, we can move your piano within your home, building or venue in London.

YES, we are specialist Steinway, Bechstein, Bluthner and Yamaha piano movers in London.

YES, we can store your piano, safely and securely.

YES, can dispose & recycle your old piano.

Rough Guide to Our Nationwide Piano Moving Schedule

London to London: Daily Service

London to Manchester:  Weekly Service

London to Glasgow:  Weekly Service

London to Edinburgh:  Weekly Service

London to Dublin:  Weekly Service

London to Belfast:  Weekly Service

We offer a weekly piano moving service from London to most of the UK.  Less popular areas are normally covered within 2-3 weeks.

For price & availability, please email    jon@pianospeed.com

We just need to know type of piano, the postcodes, and any steps or stairs involved at either end.

Or, contact Jon on 0797 600 9520.

What does it cost to move a piano (by a professional piano mover)?

Local Upright Piano Move is £149.00 including VAT & Insurance. Local is defined as within 5 miles.

Local Grand Piano Move is £249.00 including VAT & Insurance. Again, local is defined as within 5 miles.